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Description Best Week Ever is a weekly television program on the United States cable/satellite network VH1. It started airing in 2004 and was put on hiatus in the summer of 2009. In January 2010, it was announced that the show was cancelled. On August 3, 2012, VH1 announced the return of Best Week Ever. New weekly episodes began January 18, 2013.On the show, comedians analyze the previous week's developments in pop culture, including recent happenings in entertainment and celebrity gossip.The show's tagline is, "It's everything you love, everything you missed, and all the stuff you need to see again."FormatThe show follows a similar format to that set by the popular miniseries I Love the 80s and its successors (which was based on a format put together by the BBC).Each new episode airs on Friday evening at 10:00 PM, and repeats are broadcast several times over the weekend. At the end of every episode, the show names which celebrity, group of people, or object had "the Best Week Ever".When the series started, VH1 ran a special once-a-month episode called Best Month Ever, but episodes have ceased production. Similarly, there was also a Best Summer Ever.The program's original Typepad-hosted blog originally served as an ersatz online writer's room, mainly used to preview the events in the news which would end up in the Friday episode. In 2006, was launched to serve as more of a daily blog mostly separate from the program itself (beyond promotions and tie-ins for the show), detailing humorous stories in the news, odd television and YouTube videos, and features main contributors Michelle Collins, Dan Hopper, and (formerly) Sara Schaefer's observations on pop culture and other items. Despite the show's cancellation, the site is still currently active in its daily format.
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