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About Guyana Day, Inc. " Strength in Unity" Celebrating our Heritage, Culture and Achievements.
Mission Preserving and promoting Guyanese heritage, culture and arts.
Guyana Day, Inc. was born out of a deep rooted desire to foster Guyanese unity and progress, in view of the disunity, manifested throughout
Guyana’s history of political mischievousness and machinations, in a never ending struggle to gain and maintain political power. It is a genuine and deliberate effort to mold and project the different aspects and attributes of cultural pluralism, as inherent in Guyanese social and political life, into one harmonious unit. Guyana Day, therefore, is a cultural journey, or, mission, to create a people’s forum for unity, understanding, love, peace, growth, and development of the Guyanese people and nation.
Guyana Day serves as a platform on which Guyanese culture could come together as one cohesive unit, defying the forces of division which strive to create chasms within our society, intent on keeping us apart and highlighting our differences, instead of our similarities. The African drums and the Indian dholak speak the same language – we just have to listen! The dancing steps of cumfa, chutney, and kathak, demonstrate the same excellence, finesse, and artistry – we just have look! The Queh Queh and the Maticore convey the same message – we just have to understand! As a matter of fact,the differences in our culture could definitely serve to create a bond of unity. All it takes is an understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture and what it stands for.
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