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About BRTC OFFICIAL SITE Premium skincare and BB Creams from Korea. Botanical ingredients, 9 patents, medical acne products, anti-aging products, BB creams. Skincare that works... Botanically!
Mission Skincare that works... Botanically!
Overview BRTC- Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic

What is BRTC?
"Skincare that works... Botanically!"

BRTC is an abbreviation for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic and is a cosmeceutical brand to optimize the efficiency of skincare with natural botanical ingredients. It was started in 2006 in South Korea with the aim of providing functional aesthetic skincare that includes holistic preventative and treatments to address many common skin problems. The range of products grew from blemish care, cover care, peeling, and moisturizing.

Their innovative products (based on 9 award winning patents consisting of plant extracts) contributed to their aggressive expansion to over 8+ countries originating in Asia and Europe, and now launching for the first time in North America. The brand is featured in numerous international fashion/beauty magazines and over 6 million products are sold every year. The products are selected and adapted to suit the North American market. The products are made from high quality therapeutic plant extracts and minerals but unlike many other natural products, they have high efficacy and innovative features. Simply said: "It works. AND its good for you!".
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