Ouswaylucre Youth Promotions, Inc.

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About The Ouswaylucre Youth Promotions, Inc.
Description To mobilize, motivate and educate young people for action in the development of their communities.
To promote the personal development of young people in the social, cultural and economic spheres.
To co-operate with other Non- Profit Organizations that are working towards the development of young people by ensuring that they receive the skills and knowledge which is relevant to their development.
Mission To mobilize and motivate young people to build better communities.
Overview The OYP was founded on the 4th November, 1991 through the brainchild of Wayne Bristol and co-founded by Lucretia Gittens-Nicholes and Oussie Barker hence the name Ouswaylucre. Ous- taken from Oussie, Way- taken from Wayne and Lucre- taken from Lucretia.
The Organization was founded for the sole purpose to promote the personal development of young people in the social and cultural spheres and to let them get involved in meaningful activities.
The inaugural meeting was held at the Water Chris Hotel, Georgetown with nine persons present and they agreed to form a steering committee and their task was to draft a constitution.
Today, the organization has a membership of twenty one persons in Guyana. With the migration of several key members to North America during the last few years, Ouswaylucre now has a US based chapter which operates in both Washington DC and New York.

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