Inter-American Social Protection Network

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About Exchanging experiences, expanding opportunities
Mission The Inter-American Social Protection Network aims to:

• Promote Inter-American cooperation mechanisms for the exchange of social protection best practices and experiences.

• Bring together key actors and institutions throughout the region to engage in an agenda-setting dialogue on social protection schemes and policies.

• Strengthen the institutional capacity of national social development agencies in formulating and implementing social protection policies and programs.

• Generate a community of practice of policy-makers and practitioners through a knowledge and learning network.
Overview The concept of social protection refers to the broad range of public services and private initiatives designed to provide income and essential services to people living in extreme poverty. The idea is to protect the most vulnerable against risks to their livelihood--within a framework of shared responsibility--and to foster social inclusion, one the cornerstones of democratic governance.

The Organization of American States (OAS), launched the Inter-American Social Protection Network to bring together governments, civil society, academia, and the private sector to share experiences and best practices in social protection.
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