World Pacifist Organization

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About We are all here for peace and against war and violence in this our beautiful world. You also? Then join us! Click on "Like"
Description We support world peace and human rights all over the world.
We are for peace and freedom and against war and violence!
Commitment to peace and prosperity of the people!


Pacifism is the categorical opposition to any forms of war or violence as a means of settling disputes or gaining advantage. Pacifism covers a spectrum of views ranging from the belief that international disputes can and should be peacefully resolved; to calls for the abolition of the institutions of the military and war; to opposition to any organization of society through governmental force (anarchist or libertarian pacifism); to rejection of the use of physical violence to obtain political, economic or social goals; to opposition to violence under any circumstance, including defense of self and others.

Pacifism may be based on moral principles (a deontological view) or pragmatism (a consequentialist view). Principled pacifism holds that violence of any form is an inappropriate response to conflict, and is morally wrong. Pragmatic pacifism holds that the costs of war and inter-personal violence are so substantial that better ways of resolving disputes must be found. Pacifists in general reject theories of Just War.
Mission Commitment to peace and prosperity of the people!
Non profit organization!
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