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About Welcome to TechAnMech LTD soon to be one of the best places to get you professional gadgets and tech equipment in the UK.
Description Our Facebook page aims to link up with tech enthusiasts like our selves, we'll keep you informed with the latest innovative tech and show you what others are doing with theirs. Share your thoughts and what your are on "translate what you are doing".
Come and share your experiences with your devices, get tips and take the opportunity to give tips, find informative info. Yes I've just said informative info don’t know why but it makes sense I think.

We take our tech stuff seriously ( that means we take our tech stuff seriously). Don’t ask question, Well ask some but don’t ask to many we have a small staff number maybe one or two of us available at any given time.

Anyway, TechAnMech is purely about having fun with tech ”sound a bit perverse but it’s not really we're just nerdy about it ” so no rude stuff. “or just keep naughty stuff private between us adults uhuhuh...”

Techanmech out!!!
Mission To take new tech and expose it to the masses and to be cool and geeky all at the same time as thats cool.

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