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About The Orphanage is always in need of donations to cover ongoing vet care for the constant stream of bunnies. All donations are tax deductible. Can you help?
Description The aims of Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage are:

- To provide for rabbits that are sick, unwanted, stray, or have been mistreated.
- To facilitate appropriate short-term care, medical treatment, rehabilitation treatment and long-term re-homing solutions.
- To educate the public on rabbit ownership and care.
- To prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits.
- To discourage cruelty to rabbits.
Mission To change the laws and legislations on the breeding, selling and keeping of domestic pet rabbits in Australia. To introduce mandatory desexing of all domestic rabbits. To introduce tougher penalties and restrictions on breeding and selling. To legalize the myxomatosis vaccine for domestic rabbits in Australia.
Overview Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage Inc is a not-for-profit organisation located in Olinda Victoria, which is nestled in the Dandenong Ranges. RRO is also responsible for the operation of the House Rabbit Society in Australia. It is run by Dr Judi Inglis (who has a Ph.D. in research that examines the interaction between humans and the natural world) and her husband Bryce (a designer of practical bunny hutches and runs, and is also working on laws regarding the rights of bunnies). Their few staff members are dedicated and loving volunteers.

The orphanage was established to assist several overflowing animal shelters with re-homing, in order to prevent the unnecessay euthanasia of the increasing numbers of unwanted and abandoned pet rabbits.
Through their sponsor Rabbit Run, they also provide a bunny dating service as well as several formal public education programs regarding appropriate rabbit care on their behalf, as many people do not fully understand and are uneducated on rabbits needs for a happy and healthy life. It has quickly become one of the most successful re-homers of rabbits in Melbourne.
Phone 03 9751 1229
Web site http://www.rabbitrunaway.org.au

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