Down with Detroit

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About The Best Detroit Apparel on planet Earth and eventually the moon, we think.
Description Down with Detroit is the brainchild of two longtime friends who are often told that they share a brain. It all started in 1987 on the bus ride to grade school. During their daily bus rides, these enterprising 7 year-olds developed a business plan to sell t-shirts online. Of course, the internet wasn't quite ready for these brilliant young minds.

Let's fast forward to 2003. These two young go-getters, now armed with college diplomas, have moved back in with their parents and started looking for "real" jobs.

Anyone fresh out of college in 2003 in Michigan can tell you, they had alot of free time. So, being fed up with searching for jobs and starting to become a real burden on their aging parents, these two fellas decided to fall back on that old school bus idea. The internet had finally caught up.

So they started Down with Detroit in June, 2006. The rest is history...err.. present.
Mission To create cool Detroit & Michigan shirts.
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