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About Shining the Light on the important CHRISTIAN NEWS of our day! Make sure to read my NY Times Best Seller "Shining the Light, Exposing the Truth"
Description It has been prophesied, over and over in the Bible. They will masquerade through this world as beacons of enlightenment, promising freedom and self-fulfillment to all who would listen to their message. Some are willing messengers of their Master's will, while others are unwitting victims themselves, fooled into believing that peace and prosperity can only come by uniting the world under one government. It sounds so peaceful and loving. Governments and religions are coming together for the goal of bettering humanity. Humanitarian efforts are seemingly underway, under the guise of helping the poorest among us. It's no wonder that some of the kindest of us can fall prey to these lies. Some even turn to New Age religions in hopes of finding joy and harmony in the world. You've heard the propaganda at every level. From the brainwashing of our children, to the most popular entertainers of our time, even our Presidents have been known to serve the goals of the New World Order. Unfortunately, the best among us can be deceived if we don't take a closer look. In this book, you will learn more about the Luciferian agenda. There are those amongst us who are actually serving a much darker power, while purporting to be messengers of light and hope. You will learn of some of the movements that have been shaping world politics and economics, and shifts in world religious thought. The influence of powerful occultists and dynasties of families can be traced back to very frightening origins. .
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