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About [Feel Music Experimental Lab] OPEN JAM for OPEN MIND improvised experimental music, sound art, workshop, discussion, sharing. 深化音樂體驗, 普及聲音藝術, 開放音樂文化。
Description All experimental musicians, improvisers, sound artists from any places, if you wanna perform, give workshop, improvise, collaborate with musicians in Hong Kong,
please contact Paul@ paultishead@gmail.com or leave message on facebook.
Web site http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=233123300038033 http://videotage.org.hk/projects/20101120_FMEL.htm http://videotage.org.hk/wikitopia/?p=617 http://videotage.org.hk/projects/20100717_FMEL.htm http://www.videotage.org.hk/projects/20091205_ETME.htm

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