New Romantics

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About This is a fan page dedicated to those who love and support ADAM ANT!
*Please read the description before you comment here!*
Welcome and CHEERS!
Description It's sad I even have to post this but please NOTE: Any negativity/drama of any sort will swiftly be met with an instant banning. I don't care who you are or where you are from. I run many pages on FB and they are all drama-free and I mean to keep it that way. Contain your negativity to your forums and message boards. DO NOT bring them here, this is not what this page is about. This page is about supporting Adam Ant.
Also, please NOTE that when this page was first created it was centered around the "New Romantic" genre and *ALL* artists involved in that. Over time, the spotlight went to Adam Ant exclusively but FACEBOOK DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE A "LIKE" PAGE NAME AFTER 100 MEMBERS HAVE JOINED. Don't post here that Adam doesn't being associated with this label. Old news, MOVE ON. Thank you.

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