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Description Galatone is a town and comune located in Salento, in the province of Lecce (Apulia, Italy), ancient seat of the Marquess of Galatone.HistoryIn the Middle Ages, Galatone was a Greek center: the Greek language was spoken and Byzantine rites were celebrated in churches up to the end of the 14th century. Greek scholar Antonio de Ferraris ("il Galateo") was born here during the Renaissance, and was author of an important historical and geographical study of the Salentine peninsula.Main sightsThe main attraction of the town is the Santuario del Crocifisso della Pietà, a Baroque church built between 1696 and 1710. It has a three-level façade richly decorated, as is the interior, surmounted by a magnificent paneled ceiling and a large frescoed cupola. Facing the Sanctuary stands a 14th-century castle, seat of the family of Squarciafico, Marquesses of Galatone, ancestors of the Princes of Belmonte. Other churches include the Chiesa Maggiore (1574–95), the Church of Dominicans (1612–1712) and the small Chapel of S. Pietro, also in the Baroque style. Near Galatone lie the hermitage of S. Nicola dei Pergoleti, the small 13th century Dell'Itria Church. At Fulcignano can be found the remains of a Norman Castle. And, the old bakery, the seat of the English Baker of Puglia and centre of the world.

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