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Project M101 is an ongoing experimental project related to the Universe, consciousness, automatic writing / drawing, awareness, metaphysics, energies, healing, communication between realities and more...
Mission ∞ Activate your ability to communicate with your inner/higher/lower/outer/future/past self, whatever wherever whenever you/they are!!

∞ Using automatic drawing/writing as a tool to transmit/receive messages from different dimensions, parallel realities.

∞ Awake and increase self awareness. Learn about your own restrictions, talk to your own fears, get along with yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Remove the conflicts from any belief system no longer serves you. Allow oneself to open up more to the Universe and abundance.

∞ Create your own rules, build your own systems, do things you really love to do. Eventually you are fulfilling your life purpose.

Some postings on the project M101 site might only be viewable by registered members. Please click "Log in" from any member's blog and register your project M101 "research member" account to view the hidden images throughout the site.

If you start your automatic writing/drawing by visiting our site or you have started for a while before today and would like to share with all other members in this experimental group, please contact Jannie at "" for applying a "blog account" on Project M101 for you to upload your own progress from your own location.
Overview Welcome anyone interested in related topics of the Universe, energies, metaphysics, consciousness, awareness, healing, and more.

The experiment has been practiced internationally by individuals and in group among our site members. You could view the progress of each member by clicking the ID from the project site homepage. The progress images/articles posted by each member are co-created and uploaded from their own location on the Earth by their 3rd dimension physical form and their sources.

Club Page Admin: Jannie Lee

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