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About Progressive, Welcoming, Inclusive & Affirming: a new, online church that old wine skins don't fit.
Description Shalom Spiritual Community envisions a congregation:

• which strives to emulate the radical hospitality and love of Jesus. We support the full inclusion and participation of all persons in the life and ministry of the church regardless of age, race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, family formation and ethnicity;

• that thinks “outside of the box,” is willing to learn from other faith traditions, is open to different styles of worship, and looks toward new possibilities and potentials for ministry;

• where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and discuss the messages shared as, together, we struggle with the challenges of faith and observance;

• where, working collectively and individually, we serve the greater good by being supportive in service, mission, empathy, and social justice;

• that dedicates its resources to others rather than maintain a church building and its associated expenses;

• whose people believe it's perfectly all right -- and won't be damned -- to wrestle with God as we struggle to understand that which doesn't make sense;

• that truly believes God is love, that grace is freely given not earned, and that every person is wonderfully created in the image of our Creator; and

• where all can find support in becoming the individuals God has called them to be.

People ask: "Do you pass the plate?" "Am I expected to give or tithe?" "Where does the money come from?" "How is it being used?"

That's part of the beauty of this ministry.

As a (semi-retired) pastor still working part-time as a college prof -- and collecting Social Security -- Pastor Bruce doesn't expect you to support him financially. And, since we have neither building nor facilities or staff to support, funding isn't needed there (either).

However, we do believe it is our responsibility to give back to God and support the needs of God's creation. So, whatever your preferred charity -- the American Red Cross Disaster Fund ... a local homeless shelter, food pantry, or soup kitchen ... the American Humane Society ... or World Vision -- please be faithful in your giving--whether of your time and/or your financial resources. You'll be blessed!

We'd be honored if you gave to your favorite nonprofit organization as a tribute to Shalom Spiritual Community. Just be careful to check the charity out, please, and make sure that it's inclusive and doesn't deny God's absolute, unconditional, and uncompromising love to anyone.
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