Building Lions Pride in Africa - Bid for 2018 LCI Convention

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About As the Lions Clubs members of Africa unite, we invite our members located around the globe to support Johannesburg, South Africa’s bid to host the Lions Clubs International Convention in 2019.
Description Coming to South Africa, and Africa will be a first for this International Organisation, and as South Africa and Africa, we want you to experience the warmth, hospitality and generosity of our country.

South Africa, and Africa have proudly supported all of the conventions that have taken place around the continent, and now it is AFRICA’S TIME!

As Lion’s derived its name from the King of Wildlife and one of the Big Five of African game, the majestic lion, there is no more fitting destination than South Africa for the 2018.

The City of Johannesburg is South Africa's largest and most vibrant metropolitan area. Not only is it a dynamic and exciting city, it is also an area of commerce and industry, generating more than 35% of the country's gross domestic product. Johannesburg is a city of generous hospitality, friendly people, large open spaces, and a sporting and cultural mecca. In all, it is truly a sunshine city built on gold.

Johannesburg is a unique melding of African and European, combined with the economic growth spurt which followed the fall of apartheid, has resulted in a dynamic, sophisticated and cosmopolitan city, with strong global links and a pumping urban-African culture.

With wealth built on gold, Johannesburg is lively, affluent and cosmopolitan, offering the visitor a tempting array of accommodation from luxurious five star hotels, to intimate boutique hotels, superb restaurants reflecting our mix of cuisines, bustling world-class shopping centres and elegant designer boutiques – yet we also have an abundance of other attractions including golf courses, botanical gardens, well-manicured parks and an array of cultural attractions and museums.

Placed at the heart of South Africa's communications network and boasting and excellent infrastructure, the Johannesburg of today is the gateway to South Africa and offers easy and immediate access to many of the country's major tourist attractions such as Cape Town, with magnificent Table Mountain as its backdrop and the famous Winelands, the Kruger National Park, private game reserves and stylish resort hotels such as Sun City which includes the Palace of the Lost City and Province of the Zulu Kingdom.

The hosting of this convention in South Africa, will afford African members the opportunity to attend an international convention. In addition, the hosting of this convention has a hugely positive effect on our economy, and for every 17 visitors that come to South Africa, one much needed job is created!

As a pride of members, come and build that pride in South Africa!
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