Black Celebration

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Description Black Celebration is the fifth studio album by Depeche Mode. Released by Mute Records on 17 March 1986, it further cemented the darkening sound that was initially hinted towards on their albums Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward.Black Celebration was cited as one of the most influential albums of the '80s.Black Celebration Tour was the supporting tour for this album.OverviewBlack Celebration is the Depeche Mode album that has the most songs with Martin Gore on lead vocals: "A Question of Lust", "Sometimes", "It Doesn't Matter Two", and "World Full of Nothing". He also sings on the cd bonus track "Black Day". The remaining tracks are sung by Dave Gahan.The track "Fly on the Windscreen" had already been released as the B-side of the "It's Called a Heart" single. The band decided to rework the song (adding new effects and making it more stereophonic) and released it as the "Final" version on this album. It was later performed live, and given a slight hip hop edge during the 1993 Devotional Tour. A recorded performance of this version is featured in the live video Devotional and a special live single of "In Your Room".Re-releaseIn 2007, Black Celebration was re-released with a bonus DVD. It was released as a part of the third wave of re-issues (along with Construction Time Again). The first CD was remastered and (except in the USA) was released on a CD/SACD hybrid. The bonus DVD includes the B-sides in addition to the singles and B-sides for "Shake the Disease" and "It's Called a Heart", two songs that were recorded shortly before the album and were released too early to be put on the album. There are also several live versions of some of the songs from Black Celebration. The album is released the way it was originally intended and ends with "New Dress" (not "Black Day" or "But Not Tonight").
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