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About Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan, one soccer ball at a time

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Mission On October 9, 2009--the same day Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize--Colin's brother Logan was deployed with the 7th Marines to Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

In order for Logan and his fellow Marines to be successful there, they will need our active support. With something as simple as a soccer ball, we can help our Marines win the hearts and minds of local children and their families. Please do your part!
Overview Logan's List is, quite literally, a list of items on a wedding registry that our troops can use to win hearts and minds in Afghanistan.

We are committed to three main goals:

1. Supporting our troops in Afghanistan by sending toys and school supplies for them to give to Afghan children.

2. Encouraging people to set up similar pages that help our troops win hearts and minds in other places where they are deployed.

3. Encouraging Amazon.com and other online retailers to create platforms designed specifically for this purpose.
Web site More than a wedding registry: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wedding/1K6EL0L3T49GS

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