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About RAACI is a cross-platform open framework of RTI and related data built to improve transparency in India
Description One of the biggest impediments to growth is lack of transparency. RAACI is a cross-platform open sourced framework built to reduce corruption in India through transparency.

Problem Statement: Widespread corruption in public offices has been the bane of modern Indian society. The 2010 Transparency International corruption index placed India within the top 100 most corrupt countries in the world. Even with the emergence of the Right To Information Act (RTIs) the public has not been able to timely or efficiently leverage the combined effort of all RTI applicants against corruption in the government.

What is an RTI: The Right To Information (RTI) Act in India (analogous to “Freedom Of Information Act” in the United States of America) enables the common man to demand information from government. Thousands of public interest RTI are filed every year, in an effort to get information, increase transparency and as a tool to curb corruption.

What is RAACI and why are we building it: RAACI stands for Rapid Action Against Corruption in India. By building an open-source web service [currently raaci.in], we will provide a platform for structured consolidation of RTI information. Once implemented, RAACI would enable the following benefits.


1. Access to relevant information: User-generated information will be attached to each RTI response. This enables a user to easily search through our vast database of RTIs to track the progress of a relevant project in a transparent and involved manner.

2. Analysis: The information collected by using RAACI interfaces can be used by media agencies and programming enthusiasts to run their own analysis or build their own web- service to tackle corruption.

3. Empowerment: RAACI will enable empowerment of the common man through enabling real-time discrepancy resolution in projects via mobile platforms or web-based applications.

Impact & Generality of the solution: This framework of sharing information would impact the lives of close to 800 million people in India with cell phone and/or internet access. RAACI, being open-sourced, could also be used to solve corruption issues in other countries.
Web site http://raaci.in/

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