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Description National Youth Project is one of the leading organizations in the country, mainly for the youths, organizes programmes through which the message of National Integration and Communal Harmony will be propagated. National Youth Project is the winner of National Youth Award for Communal Harmony. It was launched under the directorship of Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, a veteran Gandhian and freedom fighter.
N.Y.P. organized youth camps and other programmes in many parts of India such as Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim, Ladakh, Lakshadweep, Andaman, Bhagalpur, Aligarh, Bombay, Godhra, Kanpur, Nakodar and other not affected places. Padyatras by the youths in these different areas are found most helpful in bridging the gulf between people.
The youths could establish that in spite of difference due to religion caste, language or status they could live together and be friendly to one another, bringing forth living meaning to the spirit of “Unity in Diversity” After their experience in the NYP camps the youths themselves felt that their life became more meaningful when they participated national building activities. On the routine, the NYP has been conducting 10 camps in a year. They are National Integration Camps, Communal Harmony Camps, Literacy Camps, Relief Camps for victims of riots, earthquake, Women camps, Camps for Management course, South East Asia Friendship Camp. Sadbhavana Rail Yatra was for the first time in the history of mankind an experiment was made to inculcate sadbhavana (goodwill) among the various sections of the people utilizing the youth power and carrying its own rail tracks under the inspiring leadership of Dr. S. N. Subba Rao.
NYP had conducted more then hundreds of camps that convinced we that properly oriented, our Youths are powerful in process of Nation building. Further they are best soothing agents in troubled areas.
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