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Description LolliLove is a mockumentary co-written by, directed by and starring Jenna Fischer. The film satirizes a hip, misguided Southern California couple who decide to make a difference in the lives of the homeless by giving them lollipops with a cheery slogan on the wrapper.ProductionThe film stars James Gunn, Fischer's then-husband, and Peter Alton, who were also co-writers, though about half of the film's dialogue was improvised by the cast. Fischer talked about the creative process behind the film in an interview with a St. Louis magazine:The film mixes fact and fiction: Gunn's and Fischer's characters are named James and Jenna Gunn, the film was shot in their actual home, and it incorporates footage from their real-life wedding and home movies.Principal photography cost $1,500 and was completed in 12 days. The film premiered at the St. Louis International Film Festival (the hometown of Fischer and Gunn) in November 2004 and appeared at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival and the TromaDance Film Festival in 2005, and screened during the Cannes Film Festival market in May 2006. It was officially released on DVD by Troma Entertainment on March 7, 2006.
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