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Description Is there something missing from your life? A tutu perhaps? A tiara? Well whether or not you’re looking for these, a little spunk & sass has come to hopefully brighten your day.

Hi, I'm Jane Lee Logan--the creator, author and illustrator of Princess Sassy Pants & Co. Princess Sassy Pants and Prince Pup are fashioned after me and my little Maltese pup.

I began having profound spiritual experiences many years ago while in grad school and soon after discovered I could paint just about anything. And although I didn’t find myself swinging on a string of crystals and have never clicked my heels together three times...ever (well there was that one time), I continued to have profound mystical experiences that have led me to some pretty incredible places. I’ve taught and written volumes from a deeper, more high-minded place but after passing through some very stormy clouds, things, most everything, looked far more humorous and light. I’m a silly gal and although I swim in the deep end, this new lighter approach, filled with magic and laughter, felt like coming home. A land where the words used to describe the indescribable include tiaras & fairy dust, and where the royal throne can become the seat of some of our greatest meditations. A land of infinite possibilities.

In comes the Princess. She started as doodles with no real intention or thought of doing anything beyond perhaps sharing them with a few people, but she began to build an unexpected momentum--something about these images moves people in surprising ways. Even men! (Although I’m sure they wouldn't admit to it unless under oath.)

Honestly, I’ve been a bit surprised at how people are embracing her and her messages. It’s as though my experience as a visual artist and writer, along with my spiritual experiences, were tossed into a magic blender and out popped a magical Princess Sassy Pants smoothie. (And her little dog too!)

Princess Sassy Pants might looks like tutus and butterflies but she’s a spunky sprite packed with wisdom that has emerged from her journey. Her message is one of hope, of trusting one’s own inner wisdom, of our intrinsic value, as well as how to find and follow our own unique path and purpose. She speaks of these things simply but the messages come from experience, having walked through both the difficulties and the triumphs we encounter along the way. There’s substance behind their simplicity and this is somehow felt by those who are moved by them. (Maybe it’s the secret fairy dust.)

So grab a tutu and a smile and let's giggle our way to discovering the beauty within & all around! Hm...I think I need to buy a tutu and a tiara to wear while creating these. (And hope nobody stops by unexpectedly).
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