G.D.C. Bhaderwah

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Description We have the honour to welcome you to one of the oldest colleges of Jammu and Kashmir, located in an aesthetically gratifying lush green valley of Bhadarwah, dotted with sparkling streams, fertile and ideal for teaching/learning with a considerable background of academic excellence. The area of Bhadarwah is culturally rich and known for its hospitality. We offer the subjects, which are of social, scientific, economic and cultural relevance with emphasis on the overall personality development. We prepare our students to meet the latest trends in this fast developing era of globalization and modernization with English language as the principal medium. The Almighty has gifted this place with a unique scenic beauty with temperate climate making it a one of the best climatically suited place for learning in India. This college as a part of its inherent evolutionary cycle has added new chapters to its grand history. Since its establishment many new Departments and subjects have been annexed to it. The elevation of this college as a PG college is a token of honour, which it deserved long back. The academic fabric of this college is vast enough to provide for the students sufficient scope of streamlining their future career. There is no dearth of job-oriented courses, which have been either introduced or are likely to be introduced in the near future. Extra curricular activities are a part of the physical development, which is integral to the total meaning of education. NSS and NCC wings of the college provide for the students an opportunity to train their capabilities for becoming the healthy and dedicated members of a civilized society............???

Web site http://www.gdcbhadarwah.com

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