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About ART-BREASTFEEDING-CULTURE (ABC) is an attempt by Dr.Kamalendu Chakrabarti to propagate Breastfeeding as an art and culture among people.
Assistant: Sulagna Dutta
Description Breastfeeding is a joyful act of an unbreakable relationship between Mother and her child, it strengthens the loving bond, creates the feeling of completeness and fulfillment. Breastfeeding is regarded as the first act of nurturing a child. Breastfeeding is strongly believed to foster the early post-partum maternal bond, via touch, response, and mutual gazing. This is a natural act which is undertaken by all mothers (mammals).
This act is phenomenal, and has a lot of significance in the relationship of the Mother and the child. After all we are what our mothers struggled for nine months, underwent unbearable pain to bring into this world….loved us with all her heart. It is her milk which made us grow up with our heads held high.
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