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About At RMP, new ideas and innovation are a commitment that we keep to our distributors. Millions of Independent Distributors across India look to us for new ways to create and increasing their incomes.
Description RMP is one of the India's leading Marketing and Online E-Commerce Company with consistent presence in this industry. We are today one among India's dynamic and reputed Business house. Rmp has been at the forefront of our country's economic and corporate growth by reaching out to the people of remote part of the nation through its business clients all over India.

Vision: To provide basic system knowledge to one and all. To market “Quality products” and services at competitive prices. To provide lasting “Self Employment” opportunities. To create more and more employment opportunities. To create Brand awareness across India. To develop Income opportunities that improves economic status of India.

Motto: “Grow With Us”

Core Ethics: Besides dealing with the principles of honesty and integrity, we adhere to the International code of direct selling, updated by the commission on marketing and advertising of International Chamber of Commerce.
Mission TO motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn in to an asset for personal growth and overall success. To develop and provide high quality products distributed internationally through direct selling, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent distributors, associates, and employees.
RMP is a strong base customer network driven company, which focus on customer satisfaction. The company driven by a well structured managerial co-ordination, which enhances the height of exciting growth in business. Beyond empowering the Nation's economical strength Rmp also made many high level contribution to the society by being a part to most of the Charity Works. RMP perhaps the only Direct Marketing Company to reach out to across the nation and helped in eradicating the problem of unemployment in many rural area
Overview RMP Infotec Private Limited, a Direct Selling Company, established in 24 august 2001 with the basic idea of educating and training the common people to cope-up with the ever changing Technology world and to create self employment opportunities
RMP Infotec Private Limited incorporated under company act 1956 (1 – 1956) have created more than Millions of Distributors all over India. RMP edges to give an ultimate direct marketing essence with wider business growth and opportunities. RMP backed up with an excellent base of binary plan, which gives the Distributor an opportunity to earn uninterrupted income. The well-organized system enhances our Distributors to have easy and effective completion of work.
RMP edges to give ultimate Quality Products and backed up with excellent Business Opportunity, which is free and optional.
Web site www.rmp-infotec.biz

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