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About Turn your moments into sweet little 1 minute movies. Captures LIVE. Recorded as you shoot. No uploading. Works Offline without Internet. And it is FREE to use.
Mission Provide most Unique, Innovative and Engaging experiences to consumers using the power of videos. Social Experiences. Product Experiences. Service Experiences.
Overview Capture and share one minute videos. Turn your moments into sweet little movies with AirGol.

With AirGol app for iPhone and Android, you can capture video LIVE and share it with friends and family in real time! Enjoying the outing with your family? Loving the drive? Visiting a popular tourist destination? Or just want to share an interesting road-side scene? AirGol makes it happen for you.

a) LIVE video broadcasting
Video is recorded in parallel while you shoot. Say bye bye to uploading now!

b) Full privacy
Keep your videos public or private. Private videos remain in your account and are not shared. Public videos appear on

d) Works Offline
Having no internet on phone? No problem. Record offline and sync videos to your account anytime later when you connect to WiFi or a phone network. Switches to offline mode automatically if network drops.

e) Multiple login options
Start recording directly as a guest user. Connect using Facebook and your friends/family can see your videos LIVE as they happen. Login using email.

f) Access videos anytime anywhere
Manage your videos from your mobile device or the website at You can download, delete, share, change privacy settings for all your videos from your account.

g) View videos by friends
With AirGol, you can see what all videos other friends are capturing and sharing! As easy as that.

Turn your moments into sweet little 1 minute movies with AirGol.
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