Shri Pindori Dham

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Description Shri Pindori Dham (Gurdaspur) is a unique institution in Punjab for its beneficent and public welfare Activities. It was founded by a holy saint, Yogiraj Shri Bhagwan Ji, in the times of Emperor Jahangir to serve the spiritual cause. His saint established this seat in a humble, thatched cottage in a jungle.The spiritual power of the saint so much impressed the Emperor Jahangir that he bestowed upon this institution a rich pension and a vast estate. From those times the charitable work of providing succour to the orphans and destitutes has been continuing even to these modern times. During this period all the saints and disciples who have followed their spiritual mentor, Shri Bhagwan Ji, have been giving special attention to this philanthropic institution, initiated by their divine father. Their devotion has inspired many rulers of the princely states to donate property to this institution to augment its income.

The late mahant of this spiritual seat, Vaishnavpeeth Dwaracharya Shri Swamy Ram Dass Ji was a living symbol of charity and philanthropy. He led a life of utter simplicity and self control. His heart was filled with the milk of human kindness, sympathy and betterment of humanity. During his times the income of the Darbar was utilised for the beneficent and benevolent activities. At present too his successor Shri Mahant Gobind Dass Ji is following his late Guru in true spirit and utilising the income of the Darbar for its various activities.
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