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About Prepare for the RUSH of your lifetime as the Director of Shaitan & MTVTake you through in a way that has never been seen on Indian television.Every Sunday at 7 PM on MTV
Description RUSH CHRONICLES THE LIVES OF 12 college students involved in a college festival – the viewers get voyeuristic glimpses into the lives of these angst ridden characters. Rush chronicles the angst, turmoil and the adrenaline rush of forty eight hours of action. The same 48 hours are lived in 12 different ways. The viewers witness key turning points in the protagonists’ lives like giving up one’s virginity, sabotaging a college drama production, revenge ploys of epic proportions orchestrated against the college hero, a declaration of love by a college professor gone wrong and his momentous mistake, a chawl dweller’s big dream of dancing his way to a better future, a student’s realization that forgiveness is the strongest balm for loss, a drug peddler’s professional slip up that lands him at the wrong end of the gun, a project that results in the disintegration of a relationship and a “coming out of the closet” – all these unique yet relatable stories threaded together by one individual’s search for love and for one shot at redemption – that goes horribly wrong.
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