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About One of the leading brands of the country pays tribute to Lord DURGA inside every progressive women of today through the theatrical play- Ebaar Durga Ki Korbe?
Description Nihar Naturals has put together a music album – Niharika; a compilation of songs sung, composed, written by the likes of Anupam Roy, Chandrabindoo, Cactus, Rupankar, Lopamudra, Silajit,Sukanya, Prasenjit and other leading artists as a tribute to these women. The songs reflect on the multiple dimensions of the progressive woman of this day and age.
Can todays’ woman just be defined by the roles she plays? Is she as we call it ‘modern’? Is she someone we know? Is she poetry or is she prose?
Listen to the songs, watch the videos from the album and listen to the artists talking about the album; all on the Nihar Naturals Facebook page.

About Nihar Naturals :

Nihar Naturals is one of the leading brands in the country and the market leader amongst hair oils in East India.
Nihar Naturals hair oils range offers quality solutions for different hair care needs of the women and has variants like Nihar Naturals Coconut Hair Oil, Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla, Nihar Naturals Almond oil and Nihar Naturals Cooling oil.
Nihar is an ally of the modern progressive woman and her hair care needs and aims to salute these women through the album ’Niharika’.

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