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Description Konnagar Amar Shohor – one effort, where we are devoting our heart & soul to represent our city in front of you. In era of football, band in music, by auspicious occasion, by gallantry of nature, education & teachers, from school to college, by tangibility of love, by touch of culture. What we have, what we had to have, what we have to omit, what is ongoing and what have been washed away, your way of visualisation & opinion is our pioneer.

Our Motivation:
In the present scenario various types of events are taking place every day in Konnagar. The people of Konnagar are having a numerous number of feelings, merriments which they want to share. A huge number of talents are moving everywhere in Konnagar but they are unknown. Konnagar- amar shohor is a website where our members are devoting themselves to represent all such phenomena. It is not taking into account any political issue but we are bridging the gap between such unknown things & the common folk. This website is our endeavour where everyone can share their feelings, their creations, ongoing events of everyday life. We are also representing the events which are happening all around India in front of the common folk of Konnagar in such a way so that they can learn, understand properly & also can help the people who are in endanger.

We are not taking into account any personal problems but the problems of Konnagar as a whole. We invite all the people to share their feelings, talents, creations by surmounting any sort of ambiguity. Not only our members but also any folk from any side of Konnagar is always welcome to take part in this event. This website deals with various cultural events, sports, education, music, the gallantry of nature of our city, the tangibility of love, ambiguities creation & the beauty of Konnagar as a whole. We believe that the way of your visualization & opinion is our pioneer which can make this city beautiful, educationally & culturally biased.

Our Way of Visualization:
Basically Konnagar is divided into two parts- Municipality area & Panchaet area. Also the Railway transportation has shown this division promptly. Our way of visualization is to represent our city Konnagar as a whole, not by a part of this. When we utter the name of this city, we mean the city as a united one by overlooking any political issue, any sort of division of this city. Our endeavour is to hold this website from where common folk can come to know about the ongoing events so that they can also take active parts in those. We want every people of this city become knowledgeable about everything of this city so that we can develop the culture properly, in an enlightened way.
Web site konnagaramarshohor.com

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