Beyond Coconut Water

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About Beyond was one of the first brands of coconut water to hit Australia! It's 100% pure coconut water. The ultimate hydrator now comes in a 250 ml Slimline Can.
Overview The Coconut Water revolution has been a phenomenon internationally. Extolled for its healthy attributes, the benefits of coconut water are endless.

The ultimate form of hydration; it is a natural isotonic that is high in potassium (more than bananas) and natural minerals. One cup of coconut water contains more electrolytes (free ions that make a substance electrically conductive) than most sports drinks.

Further to this, coconut water is also fat free and low in food energy which makes it very appealing to people exercising and watching their weight. Perhaps one of the most surprising attributes of coconut water is that it was used as a natural saline intravenously during the Second World War where medical saline was unavailable. If an individual does not have access to young coconuts where they live there are a few alternatives. Ready-to-drink organic coconut beverages are convenient and equally healthy.
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