The Debating Society of Besu

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About The aim of the society is to serve as a platform for avid debaters and help build a debating culture on campus.
Description This group allows people from the past and present of BESU to debate on any topic posted.

Whilst being reasonably inclusive and generally pretty slack, there are some caveats to this:

1)There is no restriction on choice of language. Use the medium you are most comfortable with!

2) Try your best to remain civil. Constant rowdiness will result in a ban.

3) We don't mind a bit of trolling now and again, but if it becomes disruptive, then again, it will result in a ban.

4) We're *not* an open forum to advertise other pages/your own products/your crap band etc. Doing so will result in the posts being deleted. Do it more than once, and the banhammer comes out again.

5) Any citation requests must be met or the point conceded. This is a debate group, not a 'post your opinions and hope for the best' group.

6) All forms of personal attack will not be tolerated, (this is including racial, religious, gender and sexual orientation based slurs will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning and if you continue banning will most likely ensue. Members should be able to enjoy civil debates and discussions without personal attacks.

7) No threads about other members, especially not derogatory ones.

8) Do not delete comments or threads. Do this more than once and it will be a ban.

9) Posts must be questions or debate topics. Not a picture of a cat or something. Memes et al are fine, as long as there is an accompanying debate point.

10) Anyone caught with multiple accounts in here will find all of their accounts removed.

11) DO NOT BLOCK ANY ADMIN. I don't care if you hate them, if you block an admin you will be banned. They kind of need to see what you're up to. ;)

Right, we think that's all of the rules. Lastly, just a couple of things to consider:

1) Has an admin deleted your comment? Tough. They obviously thought it broke one of the above rules. Complaining about it will achieve nothing.

2) All of the admins are the world's greatest people, and should be treated as demi-gods at all times. I may or may not be able to back this up empirically. :P :P :D


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