Pathanamthitta - Alappuzha Diabetes Walk

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About This is a Walk in Pathanamthitta - Alappuzha, India
Description “Control Diet, Increase Physical Activity, Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco”
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November 14th is observed as World Diabetes day. It brings together millions of people in over 160 countries to raise awareness of diabetes. World Diabetes Day unites the global diabetes community to produce a powerful voice for diabetes awareness. World Diabetes Day takes place on 14 November every year and is an official United Nations World Day.
Global Diabetes Walks are organized on World Diabetes Day all over the world to highlight the importance of physical activity to combat diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.
During 2009 and 2010, kNOW Diabetes organized two massive Global Diabetes walks in Pathanamthitta and Pandalam towns in Pathanmthitta district in which thousands of students, teachers and health workers participated. It attracted good media attention also.The Walk aims at motivating people to walk at least 30 minutes every day. It is a part of the global campaign declared by WHO,IDF and the WDF.

Pathanamthitta – Alappuzha Diabetes Walk 2011

Along with thousands of people who walked all over the world to raise awareness on diabetes students,teachers,parents and healthworkers of Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta,two districts in Kerala,South India also walked 196 kilometers from 1st November to 14th November 2011.The Walk was organised by kNOw Diabetes ,a project of Medical Trust Hospital and Diabetes Care Centre,Kulanada supported by World Diabetes Foundation.The Walk was vonducted in association with the National service scheme units in the higher secondary schools of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts.
The Pathanamthitta – Alappuzha Diabetes Walk 2011 was launched by Sri oomman chandy,Hon.Chief minister of Kerala and was flagged off by Sri Pulikesi IPS,Addl.Director General of Police,Kerala.Batches of 14 NSS volunteers led the walk which started from Adoor town in Pathanamthitta district.14 walks were conducted connecteing 14 towns in the two districts.The walk travelled through 8 towns in Pathanamthitta district (Adoor,Pandalam,Pathanamthitta,Konni,Ranni,Kozhanchery,Mallappally and Thiruvalla) and 6 towns in Alappuzha district (Chengannur,Mavelikkara,Harippad,Kayankulam,Ambalappuzha and Alappuzha) and on tha way passed through about 30 Grama panchayaths directly addressing about 45 schools.Everyday the walk started with an inaugural function attended by elected representatives of people and leaders from various spheres of life.Thousands of students,parents,teachers and healthworkers joined the walk at various centres.The walk ended with a massive Diabetes walk at Alappuzha town in Alappuzha district at 9.30 AM on 14th November .
The Pathanamthitta-Alappuzha Diabetes Walk 2011 won the first Global Diabetes Walk Social media Award 2011 instituted by World Diabetes Foundation.

The Pathanamthitta – Alappuzha Diabetes Walk 2012

In connection with the World Diabetes Day 2012 and Global Diabetes Walk 2012,Medical trust Hospital and Diabetes Care Centre supporte by world Diabetes Foundation is organizing a number of Walks in the schools in the districts of Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha in association with the National service scheme units in the higher secondary schools of the two districts.Our target is to organize Diabetes walks in about 50 school centres.A campaign for achieving this goal will be launched on Gandhi Jayanthi Day,2nd October 2012,the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi,Father of the Nation.
Various programmes are palnned as a part of the walk campaign.
1. Launching of the Walk to Health,2012 Campaign.
2. The campaign team will visit selected school centres from 2nd October(Gandhi Jayanthi) to 1st November (Keralappiravi-annivrsary of the formation of Kerala state) and organize training classes for selected volunteer leaders.
3. A series of seminars will be organized from 1st to 14th November.The Seminars will focus on the experience of various groups who are engaged in the prevention and management of diabetes.
4. Two day training camp for teachers who are the co ordinators of NSS student volunteer groups.
5. One day orientation class for selected student volunteer leaders.
6. Each student volunteer will educate at least 5 adults in their homes and neighbourhoods about the prevention of diabetes and the relevance of WDD.About 20000 adults are expected to be addressed thus.
7. A health study will be conducted in association with the National service Scheme units. Each volunteer will collect data from at least 5 individuals. The data collected will include details about diseases, diet and physical activity habits. The study will cover about 20000 people.
8.A Facegroup group ;Walk to Health 2012 ‘ was launched.All schools and other groups who organize Global diabetes walks on WDD 2012 will be motivated to join the group.Reports and photos of their campaign will be uploaded in the page.
9. A get together of Children with Type 1 diabetes and their parents will be held on WDD.
10. At least 50 walks organized in different parts of Alappuzha and pathanamthitta districts on World Diabetes day 2012.
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