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About Magic and Mud Design
Description Magic and Mud BeSpoke Monsters

BeSpoke Monsters are gently beguiled out of the fantastic.

Each one fights other monsters, be they ‘under the bed’, ‘under the stairs’ or just ‘eat up all creativity’ monsters.
As loyal champions of those who adopt them, BeSpoke Monsters frighten them all away.
They will protect you from your biggest fears, magically soothe and encourage you.

Taking Care of your BeSpoke Monster
BeSpoke Monsters feed on love and hugs and a gentle brushing every now and again wouldn’t hurt either. They are very versatile and just happy to be there to protect you.

If your monster’s fur gets dirty, a light brushing or spot-washing will do the trick - they’re not too picky.

BeSpoke Monsters are all made by hand using luxurious faux fur of varying colours, filled with polyester fibrefill stuffing and seed-beads (for weight) and have child-safe eyes.
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