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About Implementation of Janlokpall Bill. Request for all Indians here in Hathras to become a part of this freedom struggle against corruption in India.
Description Let us demonstrate that millions of Indians want a strong Jan Lokpal and a strong India.You can help right now and it will take only 2 minutes.

1st: Click on http://www.facebook.com/Hathras.IAC. Give a 'Like' to get daily updates.
2nd: invite ALL your friends on facebook to join this event.

About the Jan Lokpal:
The Jan Lokpal is a proposed independent body similar to the Election Commission of India with the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats for corruption without prior government permission.
A strong Jan Lokpal will reduce corruption tremendously and allow each of us to live and work with dignity. A weak Lokpal on the other hand will not prevent corruption and will continue to allow the corrupt to get away with their misdeeds in a maze of committees, reports and unending sarkari procedures.

Hence we need to stand up in support for a strong Jan Lokpal and thereby create a strong India.

Be the change you want to see:
Previous generations sacrificed their lives for freedom from the British rule and gave us democracy. This is a once in a life time opportunity for our generation to make a better India for us and for the future generations.

We are United and we will make this happen!!

Web site http:// www.hathrasagainstcorruption.in

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