WSND (Women Safety in New Delhi, India)

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About Improve women safety in New Delhi. Whether you are a girl or a guy, if you believe in this cause, do like this page and pour your suggestions.
Description New Delhi is the capital and one of the largest cities of free and democratic India. I was born and raised here for 21 years, and i love this city. I have had an opportunity to live for a few years in US and travel to a few other countries in Europe and Asia. That was when i understood what it meant to feel free as a woman. In most cities across the world, i could step alone without being teased or any kind of fear in my mind. With obvious common sense when you are traveling alone, i felt very safe as a woman in day or night. That was freedom, i walked from my office building to home even at 10pm in the night by myself.
Now the story back home in Delhi. How many of you girls/women feel you can step alone at any time of the day without any kind of fear? Do you think your parents would be at peace if they knew you were traveling alone on public transportation during late hours? How many of you have been teased or harassed verbally by cheesy comments by a passer by on the road in broad daylight? I am sure most of you would answer yes. My answer is yes.
Delhi continues to be the rape capital of India which is very embarrassing for any one from Delhi. Even though it might be the most developed city in India, its not at all safe for women. I strongly feel we need to do something to change this so that the women can feel the real freedom that could be compared against other big cities in this world. We are not talking about making India a developed country by 2020 which is a far fetched goal, we are only talking about making the capital of India as safe for women as the capital of a developed country like England or USA. That should be feasible if the attitude of men changes, along with the advances in technology and social media.
The goal of this group is to identify the issues that affect women safety in New Delhi, and to bring together technology, social media and any other means to alleviate our safety.
We should serve as a positive example for other cities in India. How many of you girls/women are with me?

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