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About An initiative by National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna to promote the extraordinary craftsmanship of clusters of Bihar.
Description Bihar Diwas 2013

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Patna has joined hands with Department of Industries, Government of Bihar to celebrate Bihar Diwas by promoting the weavers of different clusters of Bihar. Since ages this section of the society has been dedicated towards production of high quality textiles with the help of hand looms. These hand loom weavers have not only kept the ancient practices of these world class art alive but have also helped in creation of a better society by producing better quality textiles and giving people a unique experience. They have not just helped the art to continue but have also silently dictated the big world of Fashion. Their extraordinary craftsmanship has been recognized by various designers across the globe. In an initiative to help them lead a better life and continue practicing the craft Government has taken many initiatives. The various concentrations of weavers have been grouped together for formation of clusters. These clusters have regularly been provided with financial, technical and market support by the Government.
The list of various clusters identified and developed by Government of Bihar is as follows:

1. Bihar Sharif, Nalanda
2. Sigori, Patna
3. Manpur, Gaya
4. Bhauara, Madhubani
5. Katoria, Banka
6. Hussainabad, Bhagalpur
7. Nathnagar, Bhagalpur
8. Champa Nagar, Bhagalpur
9. Kharik Bazaar, Bhagalpur
10.Jamalhatta, Siwan
11. Akhori Gola, Rohtas
12. Nabi Nagar, Aurangabad
13. Dumrama, Banka

Now in order to help these weavers get noticed, NIFT Patna has conceptualized a “Fashion Fiesta” –showcasing these exquisite qualities of the weavers through a fashion show to be conducted on 22nd March 2013, on the occasion of Bihar Diwas, in Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi. A “Curtain Raiser” programme for the same has been planned on 13th of Feb 2013 at Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir which would be combined with the annual Fashion festival of NIFT Patna, “Spectrum ’13.” The “Curtain Raiser” would be showcasing a glimpse of the grand and gala show planned on 22rd March 2013. NIFT Patna has taken a special initiative to Brand and Promote and Re-position the arts that are practiced on the hand-looms of Bihar

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