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About Delhi's Population - 16,310,000
Gyms in Delhi - approximately 120
Gym Goers - approximately 120,000
Gym Goers who Lift to Compete - 1% of 120,000

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It is time that Delhi got to see how strong you are. Breathe a little life into your workouts by training to compete. “Competition brings out the best in everyone”. This quote has been around forever for a reason – It’s TRUE! Competition makes the intensity of training pick up immediately! You won’t believe how much fun you are having in pushing yourself harder!

28th July 2013 is the date that you will step up on stage with a spotlight shining down on you, music beating in the background, your friends and peers cheering their loudest but all you can hear is your heart beating faster as you look at the weights that you know you can conquer. You take a deep breath, get in position and Lift to Compete. You have already separated yourself from 99% of the crowd. You are no longer JUST a gym goer. You are a COMPETITOR.

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If you can go to the gym and bench press or deadlift, there is no excuse why you can't do the same at an Ultimate Challenge. Are you in or are you out? Send us a message to let us know!
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