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About Logo is a special series on Bloomberg UTV that focuses on Advertising, Branding, Consumer Insights, Marketing Strategy, and more. The show looks at key stories that made news in the world of advertising and marketing.
Description About Baljit Chaddha:
Well, Baljit always knew that films and story telling was his calling but never dared to do that because of his middle class background. As a typical Indian, he did his MBA and joined the corporate world. Post his masters in Business administration from Asian Institute of Management, Philippines, he worked with several MNCs including Citibank, Barclays, Sansui. At the peak of his career as Vice President at HSBC, Baljit gave it all up and took the plunge into an unfamiliar territory to pursue his passion.

He joined Bloomberg UTV as a producer in the news features team where he produced India's first Business Reality Show : “The Assignment”. Also Baljit is the producer & anchor of “Logo”, an advertising and marketing feature show on the channel...

Also Baljit is producing his first feature film 'Kapi' through crowd-funding on Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).
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