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About We conduct functional fitness workshop which includes Kettlebell training and Certification, Martial arts training, Functional training on Multi functional trainer (over 100 excercises), Corporate Wellness Programs all these programs anywhere in INDIA.
Description Energy24x7 was founded to motivate members by offering personal training at our studio or at your home. We emphasize on Functional fitness, which help you move better in your daily life, in recreational activities, and in sports - that's what Functional training is all about.
Forget about hitting gym, lifting barbells, or doing endless crunches. You don't need any of these things to achieve Functional fitness. We are sure that you will find Energy24x7 workouts the real challenge and a rewarding experience.
Overview Energy24x7 focuses on core strengthening and exercises primarily to improve Functional strength. The concept behind this is to maximize the effects of workout in minimum time.
Our teams together 19 years plus experience in the field of fitness in India and overseas allows us to say that human body needs to move in all different planes while exercising in order to be Functionally fit.
Apart from that we conduct Health and Fitness seminars in corporates, fitness clubs and various organization to make people aware of correct exercise form, technique and diet patterns.
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