Betiyaan Apni Yaa Paraaya Dhan

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Description Betiyaan Apni Yaa Paraaya Dhan was an Indian television soap opera that aired on STAR One channel. It was a high-intensity social drama set in the backdrop of Rajkot, Gujarat - a city rooted in its culture and traditions. It was the story of six daughters and a son of the impoverished but aristocratic Chandarana family.PlotNeelkanth Chandarana, the head of the family, is harsh with his six daughters and considers them useless burdens. His hopes are pinned on his only son. The main protagonist of the show is Neelkanth's eldest daughter Krishna, who supports her younger sisters and helps them emerge as individuals in their own rights.Cast Rajeev Verma as Neelkanth Chandarana (Father) Madhuri Sanjeev as Nutan Chandarana (Mother) Gauri Nigudkar as Krishna (eldest daughter)-- Protagonist Jyoti Makkar as Chaand (Second daughter) - Dark-complexioned and wearing spectacles Shilpa Shinde as Veera (third daughter) - Strong willed and extremely short tempered Gunjan (fourth daughter) - Bubbly and chirpy Sanwari (fifth daughter) - The most beautiful of all the sisters Itishree Singh as Koyal (sixth daughter) - The youngest of the sisters who is pampered by everyone, especially Krishna. Manish Raisinghani as Nirvaan (Youngest sibling and only son) Gautam Rode as Parth (love interest and eventual husband of Krishna) Soham Jati Bua (Moti Ben) Sati Bua (Choti Ben) Pran Jeevan (servant) Faisal Raza Khan/Shaleen Bhanot as Veer (brother of Parth) Amit Behl/Vaquar Sheikh as Chaand's husband Manav Gohil as Karan

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