Sutra Energy Drink - 2010 Int'l Model Search Launch

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About Sometimes you only have one chance to make a good impressions. Take advantage of your opportunities when they are unveiled!
Overview Lotus Beverage Group, LLC was founded in 2006 by a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who seek to carve out a global niche in the beverage market.

The principals of Lotus Beverage Group are a synergistic team, with roots planted in the United States, the Caribbean Islands and the United Kingdom. We specialize in strategically identifying, capitalizing & magnifying beverage market trends at the grass roots level.

We've produced a clearly defined marketing strategy that leverages the strength of our branding, the superior flavor formulation of our beverage, and our unique access to celebrities in the music, film, and modeling industries.

These are elements that transform a new product into the must have item . . . a small event – into The Season's Must Attend event . . . a niche player – into a bona fide competitor in the crowded beverage market.
We have a “whatever it takes attitude”. Whether we're working with a large promotional firm or a 5 man “street team”, our goal is the same: complete saturation of the market with what we believe is the best energy drink available. At the end of the day, what really sets us apart is our ability to serve up big ideas & execute them!
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