Kosmic Qi

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About A piece of India - A unique semiprecious jewelry collection by Ashwini Kankariya
Description Our semiprecious jewelry is inspired from the soul and spirit of this incredible country - India. Each piece has been handcrafted and the designs reflect the rustic beauty that is present in abundance in every nook and corner of this culturally diverse nation.
Mission To bring a little bit of India to you, by our unique designs!
Overview After spending several years in a run-of-the-mill corporate job, it was time to reflect for Ashwini Kankariya. They say the journey to self-discovery is the most difficult one. And it was true. Several tough evenings, sleepless nights and crazy days later, one day while helping her mother organize her jewelry, Ashwini ended up redesigning couple of them by just putting some pieces together which looked really bohemian. The moment her college going sister looked at that, she was excited and wanted to have it. This was the moment - Ashwini realized that all this while she was searching inspiration in the wrong places and not using her talents.

This was that moment when Kosmic Qi was born.

Each piece of Kosmic Qi resonates with a free spirit and each design adds a lil spice to any outfit... and what is more, you can get one custom made for your self by just describing your personality.

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