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About Drama Deluxe does feature films, documentaries and commercials. We love the ways the three genres are constantly inspiring each other in terms of production methods, storytelling and aesthetics.
Description Everything we do is inspired by curiosity and builds on experience. We always involve colleagues as well as regular audiences when choosing new projects, so we get a good idea of the potential. This involvement will never overrule our general gut feeling about a potential project, but it’s an important reality check. If the pitch is strong enough we’ll move forward.

We’re combining the most experienced international team of film workers behind the camera with well-known English speaking talent from the US and UK. We work closely with a string of accomplished screenwriters and own the rights to several interesting projects.

Screenplays are always selected from an audience’s point of view and we’re not limited to specific genres. With experience from shooting in most territories in the world, we’re able to shoot anywhere.

For further information on how to become involved in our projects as an investor or a creative, feel free to contact us on film@dramadeluxe.com or go to www.dramadeluxe.com
Mission Our mission is to tell stories for broad audiences in the most efficient way and we’re not limited to specific genres. If we feel that a project is unique and fueled by passion, we’ll do it. We’re constantly on the look out for new ways of producing moving images and we’re quite skilled in securing high production value regardless of budget size.
Phone +45 40 73 59 63
Web site www.dramadeluxe.com

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