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About It's a strange schizophrenic record. Two divorced facades of pale European sound glancing, delicately, from apocalyptic acoustic ballads right through to harsh electronic anthems. John White is U.V. PØP and there ia bit of U.V. PØP in all of us.
Description John White was U.V. PØP right from the start. First as a one man band for the 80s when he began playing live in the early part of 1982. Back then his ´band´ consisted of nothing more than himself plus a series of pre-recorded backing tapes. The arrangement proved both pragmatic and effective as with this arrangement there were no other band members to consider, no compromises, just a man and his Revox and, as Richard Strange once sagely observed: ´A Revox doesn´t answer back.´This line-up served him well, Early concerts included supports with In The Nursery, Danse Society and the fledgling Pulp.... His first single was Recorded and Produced by Cabaret Voltaire – it took him to a support slots with hitherto unknown Culture club, John Cooper Clarke and Nico plus an invite to perf orm in Holland and with it a live peformance on Radio Hilversum’s Sunday afternoon show VPRO Spleen..
It was at this time that he was picked up by the legendary John Peel! and this time also that john joined Sheffield group Artery as guitarist for a short tour of Italy and a series of UK dates, leaving subsequently however to concentrate on his main passion UV POP

That was then!
A speedy journey through the 80s and songs – future favourites - emerged – songs like “No Songs Tomorrow”, “Serious”,”Anyone For Me” and surprisingly – the uncompromising “Sleep Don’t Talk”.
As John’s catalogue expanded – first with the critically acclaimed “No Songs Tomorrow” album and it’s follow up “Bendy Baby Man” so did his band – ditching the revox for a clutch of fellow travellers.
All through this time other recordings were made – secret recordings that dwelt only in a whisper of existence. “The cellar demos”, “Live in Amsterdam” (from John’s performance on radio Hilversum) and the unreleased albums – “Millbank Street Sessions” and “In Your Skin”.
“Serious” has become a favourite across Europe – with a multitude of dance mixes.
Among darkwave enthusiast –“ Sleep don’t talk” stands as a classic.
Both Serious and Sleep don’t talk have been covered by European bands, Escape With Romeo and Strafbomber respectively.

Then all seemed quiet, but John was recording new tracks in his studio, and making plans with long time accomplice and drummer Tim Woad for a return to live work

A new century came and John reformed the band – new members were brought in and he started gigging again.
But even more was to emerge – a re-recorded version of “Serious” for the 21st century and an ep – “Sea the stars social club” recorded at higherrhythm studio for Circuit records.
His “on-line” career took off too making the first four albums available as downloads – then Brooklyn based US label Sacred bones approached him and secured the right to re-release “No songs tomorrow/Just A Game” Just in time for the 30th anniversary of it’s original release and “No songs tomorrow” the album in the new year.
Then, to coincide with a tour of Germany geneticmusic (a Germany based label) has re-released the album “Bendy Baby Man” together with 12” single “Anyone For Me” As a 2 CD set.
And finally, with a series of Festivals, including SXSW, planned for next year everything is set for a complete and succesful return for John and his band to where they belong – in the heart of Europe.

Current line-up-

John White – Guitar/vocals
Tony Nicholson – bass/vocals
Stephen Howes – drums
Web site www.uvpop.co.uk // www.myspace.com/uvpop1 http://www.reverbnation.com/uvpop http://www.facebook.com/UVPOP

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