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About HAYAT FOUNDATION- Team comprises of Young professionals from multi-discipline and multi-sector backgrounds across the country that share a common platform of thinking and do their bit towards the making of a cognitive society....
Description .... with an intention to put collective efforts to work together and gather people who find themselves inspired to uplift the lives of those people who grow with inadequate education, healthcare, resources and psychological supports
We strongly believe that creation of Sustainable livelihoods in the rural areas can reduce migration also. Awareness for peace and harmony in the community needs to be promoted. also need to promote judicious application of modern science and technology, respect for the ecosystem and clean environment.
For financial support, Account details as follows
Dr. Hayat Anwer
SBI, Balua Bazaar, Supaul, Bihar
A/C- 31797070184
IFS CODE- SBIN 0007114
Our Permanent Activities
1, Weekly Free Health Camp, Chargharia Chowk, Kishanganj
2, Running Madrasatul Banaa't, Chargharia Chowk, Kishanganj
3, Campaign on Good Governance and Awareness

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