The Drake Chronicles

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Mission On the first book---HEARTS AT STAKE, by Alyxandra Harvey:

For Solange Drake, her sixteenth birthday means transforming from human to vampire. Her seven older brothers each made it through this potentially deadly passage, but since she’s the first female-born vampire in almost 800 years, she might be killed by the transformation.

Or since there is a prophecy that predicts she will unite all the vampire clans as their queen, she could be killed by one of the existing queen’s followers.

This sixteenth birthday isn’t looking so sweet.

Luckily, she has her human kick-butt best friend Lucy who is willing to defend Solange’s right for normal life. It will take the two of them, Solange’s smothering but well-intentioned brothers, and their arch nemesis, Kieran Black, to save Solange’s eternal life.

HEARTS AT STAKE is the first novel in this action-packed new series of fiery romance set in a hidden vampire world as intricate and complete as the one we live in.

"Fun, funny, and a relief from Twilight wannabes, this first installment in the Drake Chronicles has lots to offer for savvy readers and gives vampire addicts a nice twist on their usual fare.”— Booklist

"A different kind of vampire book, Hearts at Stake out-Buffys Buffy’s stake flinging, holy water-throwing, vampire-dispatching by miles…. I absolutely could not put this book down.” – Rene Kirkpatrick, Third Place Books, Seattle, WA.

The sequel, BLOOD FEUD, will come out on June 22nd.

Overview Can’t quench that thirst for paranormal romance? Ever read HEARTS AT STAKE? It’s the first book in the hot, snarky new series THE DRAKE CHRONICLES, which features:

- two best friends
- seven overprotective brothers
- hundreds of bloodthirsty vampires

BLOOD FEUD, the second book in the series, is on sale June 22.

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