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Description The feeling of gratitude is a very positive and special feeling to have. Who doesn’t face challenges in his/her life? What can help people face difficulties in a right way? When one is grateful for all the gifts that life has offered then a sense of contentment engulfs him/her which in turn helps the person face any challenge or difficult situations. The person faces the world with more enthusiasm, more clarity, more zeal, more positivity and definitely more HAPPINESS which give him an edge over others.

How often have we stopped to really feel the smell of the flowers, the wind blowing through our hair, the sound of rain drops, the taste of a freshly baked often are we grateful to god for the senses he has blessed us with which helps us to experience the magic of life's every moment.

Gratitude need not be sought in just big's the small occasions that we encounter everyday that should invoke that feeling is us.....and that will only come when we make a conscious effort to be aware of people and situations around us. When we are aware and mindful of every moment we will not find one but a million reasons to be happy throughout the day...and that will make our life a treat to LIVE.

I recently read a beautiful quote by John Lennon " when I was small my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "HAPPY" she said "boy you didn't understand the assignment" and I thought " ma’m u didn't understand LIFE"

Be grateful to every situation, every event, and every person in your life. Good or bad they have taught us many things and if we are grateful, we will not only see the best out of the not so nice event or person but also feel more fortunate for all the good people and events that we have encountered.

GRATITUDE is the stepping stone to HAPPINESS and if you want to be HAPPY in your life you know from where to begin!

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