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About Kiun ke yeh hein Aaj ke zamaane ka radio station - Superhits 93.5 Red FM - Bajaate Raho!
Description The Station - Today, RED FM, with close to 50 stations, is the largest Radio Network across the country and is widely appreciated for its ‘Bajaate Raho’ attitude that is ingrained in its programming philosophy and displayed by its RJs who, apart from playing Superhit music, aggressively take up relevant issues that affect people on a day to day basis. It has emerged as the ‘Station for Expressio
n’ for the common man. The tremendous growth shown by Red and the accolades won by the station stands testimony to its growing popularity. The current on-air content revolves around the best of Local events and issues, the worlds of Tollywood & Bollywood, Cricket and Music. Red FM plays only Superhit Music (the best of Bangla and Hindi)and has Superhit Radio Jockeys… all this delivered with a local flavour!

MORNING NO. 1 , (Monday to Saturday, 7 to 11 am)

Her show 'Morning No. 1' on Monday to Saturday from 7am to 11am is totally local and city centric, all the major local issues are raised in this show. Special segment is Soniya Bol Bachchan which is thought of the day in funny manner & most entertaining is "RED MURGI" in which she fool around the listeners.
Hosted by RJ Sonia.

SHILPANCHAL EXP 1, (Monday to Saturday, 11 to 2 pm)

Two hour journey to the world of wit and humor, amalgamated with the music of 90’s. Regular topics and listener interaction is the heart of the show and RJ Shreenita’s bajao-ing them is the heartbeat! Monday to Thursday, RJ takes that one happening topic of the day and chats about it with the listener. Friday is not dry day on MMN. Friday calls for story time, a story that is completed by listeners. Get your daily dose of fun on the show! Hosted by RJ Shreenita.

SHILPANCHAL EXP 2 , (Monday to Saturday, 2 to 5 pm)

is a late morning show (from 2 — 5 PM) hosted by RJ Mandy. It is an infotainment for 3 hours, aiming housewives in a big way. The show talks about them and provides them a platform to express their thoughts, opinions and join the “happy hours of adda”. The topic could vary from scandal to sandal, cooking to smoking among women, achievement to lament, shower to power… “Achaar” to “Vichaar”… fun, trivia, contest, season, party, celebration, health, wealth, beauty, duty and so on. Women, whether working indoor and outdoor, participate in the adda with lot of positivity and it gives the show its uniqueness. Hosted by RJ Mandy.

WB 935, (Monday to Saturday, 5 to 9 pm)

His show 'WB- 935' on Monday to Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm is totally Youth centric debate on local and national topics,city happenings, Tollywood & Bollywood. Main attraction of the show is "RED DHAAKNA" which is the craze of the city & special segment is Saurday Star which is studio guest- local talent, upcoming talents, Rock bands. Hosted by RJ Aryan.

LOVE STORY (Fridays 9 to 11 pm)

Basically show some common instance in every day life with our partner and without them a love story cannot be complete. In the final voice over we shall tell that life cannot be complete without LOVE. So if you want to share your love story with us then simply sms AS < Space> Love Story to

RED FM SUPERHITS TOP 30 (Sundays, 11 am to 2 pm) and repeat 10 pm to 1 am)

The hottest Indian Chart Show leaping out at you from radios across India…Red FM Superhits Top 30!!! Standing tall as India's definitive Chart Show on the triple pillars of Album sales data, national request data & consolidated radio playout data, Red FM Superhits Top 30 is peppered with Superhit Bollywood tracks. The show takes you on a whirlwind sneak preview of the glamour industry …A chart show that never fails to satisfy. The show is hosted by RJ Swati.

SUNDAY STAR SATAAK (Sundays, 8 pm to 10 pm)

The hottest thing to hit the airwaves Nationally is this celeb chat show with RJ Malishka where she chats with the superstars of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, etc.
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