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About Location: Harmony Suites Hotel, Rodney Bay. Days: Mondays & Wednesdays: 5-7 pm and Sat. : 1-3 pm. Contact: Sensei Patrick Edward @ Phone: 1-758-519-1488 OR
Description Shotokan Karate originated in Okinawa, a small island south of Japan. It was popularized in Japan by Gichin Funakoshi in the 1950s. The name "Shotokan" comes from the name "Shoto," which was Funakoshi's pen name. Shotokan Karate is a traditional martial art. This means that improvements in character and mental discipline are as important as physical skill, if not more so. Shotokan Karate is meant to be accessible to all, including, women, children, and those without great athletic ability. The Shotokan Karate Academy (SKA) offers a caring, safe environment where children and adults can learn the art of karate.

Practising karate leads to:
Muscular and Aerobic fitness
Body alignment, balance and movement
Increased perceptual awareness
Stress management
Concentration, confidence and discipline

Dojo Code of Ethics:
Seek Perfection of Character
Be Faithful
Respect Others
Refrain from violent behaviour

Mission To seek perfection of character.
Overview The SLSKA was established in November 1993. The association was launched with a training seminar conducted by Sensei Marc Cordice 4th Dan ISKF/JKA of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Karate Association and Mr. David Clarke, 2nd Dan ISKF/JKA of the Barbados Shotokan Karate Club. These sessions were held at the St. Mary’s College gymnasium from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th November 1993.

Immediately following the weekend seminar of November 12th – 14th 1993, the association commenced training at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, until the end of November when it moved to the Vide Boutielle Secondary School Auditorium in La-Clery, Castries.

On November 25th,1993 SLSKA jointly hosted Master Shigeru Takashina, 7th Dan ISKF/JKA- Chief Instructor of ISKF/US South Atlantic Region. That represented the first tour to the island by such a high-ranking ISKF/JKA official, in nearly thirty years since karate started here.

Training Seminars:
In keeping with its aim to expose its members to the highest quality of instruction available in the world today, SLSKA organized a number of training seminars conducted by the following regional instructors:

Marc Cordice: 12th – 14th February 1994
25th –27th February 1994
6th – 8th March 1994

David Clarke: 14th November 1993
25th –26th November 1993
5th – 8th March 1994

Michael Williams: 19th – 20th February 1994
5th – 8th March 1994

These seminars set the stage for yet another milestone in the development of SLSKA – the arrival of Master Teruyki Okazaki, Chairman and Chief Instructor of the International Shotokan Karate Federation on March 6th, 1994. Okazaki Sensei’s tour included a grading exercise and two training seminars. The grading, which was held on the same day of Master Okazaki’s arrival, saw seventeen members of SLSKA vying for higher grades for the first time in the JKA Shotokan System. SLSKA was presented with the registration certificate No. IS SLU004 as a member of ISKF/JKA on the morning before the grading. Later that day the first training seminar was conducted at the jazzercise Centre, Gable Woods Mall with the second being conducted on Monday, March 7th at the St. Mary’s College Gymnasium at Vigie, Castries.Okazaki Sensei left the island on March 8th. The visit by Master Okazaki served as an official initiation of SLSKA into ISKF/JKA as well as establishing standards.

Nearly two months after the visit by Master Okazaki Sensei, Sensei Cordice conducted a training seminar (April 29th – May 4th) and was assisted by Sempai David Clarke, May 3rd. They also saw to the establishment of the ISKF (St. Lucia Branch). ISKF – St. Lucia was formally inaugurated with an executive meeting on May 10th, 1994.Just over a week after the launching of ISKF-St. Lucia, SLSKA participated in another training seminar, this time hosted by the federation from May 11th – 12th and conducted by Sensei Codice. June 11th – 12th, Sensei Cordice also conducted training seminars. July 1st – 3rd saw further involvement from SLSKA in the first-ever ISKF-St. Lucia organized Kyu Grading (examination) Exercise. Sensei Cordice conducted the exercise and was assisted by Sempai Michael Williams of the Barbados Karate Club. Eighteen (18) of the Association’s karate-ka participated in that activity. Training seminars were also conducted.

Becoming an affiliate member of ISKF/JKA continued to bring good fortune as in March 1994 Okazaki Sensei on his first tour of the island gave permission for ISKF-St. Lucia to participate in the 5th World Shoto Cup Karate Championships (July 28th – 31st).

Patrick Edward, President of the SLSKA was the lone representative of ISKF-St. Lucia at the 28th Master Camp (July 23rd – 27th) and 5th World Shoto Cup Championships. He was also privileged to be present for the launching of the World Federation of the Japan Karate Association (JKA/WF), with Master Okazaki as its first chairman. The tournament was specially used as the occasion to unveil the commencement of JKA/WF activities.
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